Launching with products focused on art and form; Remy has found it’s niche with linen and sustainable materials. The core of the brand features their signature linen scrunchies, and expands to Thomas’ charcoal nude works onto vintage French linen.

Celebrating a strong female gaze, the brand supports the independence of women, as well as the global initiative to consciously minimize our environmental impact. With unruly curly hair, Thomas has been wearing scrunchies since her childhood and after sewing her own linen scrunchies, she found they hold styles in place without slipping, leave absolutely no kinks and are the perfect accessory on the wrist.

“I entered womanhood while the slogan ‘women can have it all’ was our benchmark. Once that took a turn and developed into the wellness and selfcare banners, in my experience, sensuality was missing from that, and this project is my way back in.” says Thomas.

The medium of vintage French linen paired with the scrunchies allows the audience to feel the artists intended liberation with a take away as simple as a scrunchie.

The scrunchies are paired together in two colour-ways. Barefoot is the lighter of the duo with a natural cream and dusty pink, both bring a freshness to the woman’s look. In contrast, Congo is a khaki and charcoal set adding relaxed sophistication to any hairstyle. The sets are gifted with a complimentary eco-cotton veggie bag to encourage the Remy woman to think about less waste. They’ve recently been spotted as makeup bag liners, beach bags and delicates bags too.

As an artist, Thomas is entirely self-taught and each artwork carries a feminine name. Expressed on vintage French linen and framed in Tasmanian Oak or handmade paper, Thomas collaborates with only local small businesses when sourcing materials, packaging and the product itself.

Remy is entirely plastic-free, encouraging the new generation of women to tread with a lighter footprint.

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